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The Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation (YASPC) continues its achievements with help and support of the local authority in Hadramout Governorate

The Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation (YASPC) continues its achievements with help and support of the local authority in Hadramout Governorate

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YASC celebrates the third anniversary of the liberation of the coast of Hadramout province on 24 April. The efforts of the local authority in the Governorate are represented by MR. Faraj Salmeen Al-Bassani, Governor of Hadramout, the commander of the second military region in supporting the Corporation .
The Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation is one of the sovereign governmental Corporation that supervises the management of ports in the current and future Arabian Sea, its main port of Mukalla and its ports in Hawlaf in Socotra Governorate and Nashoon in Al-Mahra and Qana in Shabwa .

Port of Mukalla after the liberation of the coast of Hadramout:

On 25 April, the Shibam Brigade, under the command of Brigadier General Sulaiman Bin Ghanem, assumed the duties of protecting and securing the port of Mukalla and the industrial zone in Khalaf. the port resumed its maritime and commercial activities The wheat was unloaded from the Republic of Ukraine On the same day . Days later, life returned to the port on a regular basis and the activity in the port doubled .

And Eng. Salem Ali Basamer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the YASPC and his deputy, Fwad Taisir Alrbaky worked hard to get tug boat , On October 26, 2016, the UAE Red Crescent Authority supported the port of Mukalla with a tug boat (DANUM 61) .

In addition to the international shipping line (MSC), the achievements of the second line of shipping to the port of Mukalla line of container shipping COSCO on 16 February 2017 in the presence of the former governor of Hadramout and a number of Shipping agents and government officials in the governorate and carries this line containers for other shipping lines such as (HMM), Container Line (ASCO) and the African Container Line (UFAL). On 25 April of the same year, the HORIZON SHIPPING LINE launched its first flights to the port of Mukalla in the presence of the Minister of Transport And the governor of Hadramout and a large number of officials of the state, to provide facilitation in order to operate a ship container (MUZAH).

At the administrative level, Arabian Sea Ports Corporation has employed 34 employees and has contracted with other 42 employees. During the last year 2018, the Corporation arranged duties and responsibilities of department heads and disbursing their dues according to administrative regulations.
During the last three years since the liberation of the city of Mukalla, the port of Mukalla has received two visits to the former prime minister and four visits to the former and current transport ministers. The international organizations and bodies visited the port as well as foreign journalists.

Statistical indicators of the port of Mukalla for the years 2016 and 2017 and 2018

Reached the berths of the port of Mukalla during the year 2016, 251 vessels, 363 Dhows and 22,863 containers of various sizes,. In 2017, 225 Vessels, 317 Dhows and 26,152 containers of various sizes were transported to the port of Mukalla in 2016. And in 2018 (200) Vessels, 374 Dhows and 28,902 containers of various sizes. Compared to the three years, there is a slight decrease in the movement of vessels, an increasing annual increase in the movement of Dhows and a significant increase in containers handled at the port.

Training Program at the Arabian Sea Ports Organization since 2016 to 2019

The Corporation has given chance to some employees to study abroad at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Alexandria in marine navigation and port administration, and two in foreign courses to Alexandria and the Republic of India. Two employees also attended a course in strategic planning of ports in Singapore. The courses in maritime transport were held in the training hall in the Corporation where a training course was held for the port staff who attended 13 employees and a course in the Arab professional classification of the department heads attended by 45 employees.

Projects achieved by YASPC during the three years with self-financing:

1 - Renting an outside yard to store the empty containers.
2- Installation of digital security cameras to secure port of Mukalla.
3- Supply of loading and discharging equipment for the port of Mukalla.
4 - spare parts for the equipment of port of Mukalla.
5- Supply of electronic balance 150 tons
6- The refrigerated container feeding station has expanded from 20 feeding points to 60 feeding points.
7 - Supply of two generators 20-20 points with a capacity of 250 KVA.
8-To enhance the lighting capacity in the yards of the Mukalla port by installing additional lighting poles.
9 -Expanded computer network in the port of Mukalla.
10-Updating the accounting system according to the global system (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012) .
11 -Development of the website of the Corporation in both Arabic and English.

Corporation projects now self- financing :

1 -Completion of the construction works and expansion of the warehouses of Mukalla Port .
2- -Supply of 45 ton containers forklift for Mukalla port.
3-Maintenance and restoration of Mobile Iron Roof in berth No. (2) warehouse and workshop in Mukalla port .
4 -Supply of generator 500 KVA silencer for the port of Mukalla.
5 -Construction of two management rooms in the port of Socotra.
6 -Deepening and maintaining an Nashtoon port basin
7 -Construction of Nashtoon port control building.
8 -Construction of a new building for the management of Nashtoon port.

Future Ports Projects of Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation:

- Construction of Barum Commercial seaport project in Hadramout Governorate.
- Construction of Dabbah Industrial seaport in Hadramout with (B.O.T) system funded by private sector.
- Construction of Qarma the seaport the Socotra Archipelago, funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.
- Construction of Khalfot seaport in Al-Mahra Governorate.
- Construction of Qana seaport in Shabwa Governorate.